Hiring An Interpreter To Talk To Parents At School Meetings Makes It Easier On Everyone

Posted on: 12 April 2018

Kids who come into English as a second language classes generally have parents who either speak very broken English or no English. That means that as an educator involved with those classes, you need to make sure that you can communicate with the parents as easily as possible.

It's not fair to talk to use the children to translate for their parents, especially since they may not be as fluent in English as would be necessary to have discussions, and the discussion may not be appropriate for a child to be involved in. There are other ways to do it. One is to have an interpreter come into the school so that you can talk to their parents. You will probably want to get a professional interpreter instead of a language teacher from the school. There are several benefits to hiring an interpreter. 


One reason to hire an interpreter to come and handle the translation work is that they are going to be completely objective. They won't have a stake in the outcome one way or the other, so they are going to be able to make sure that they are giving the both you and the parents all the pertinent information without anything coloring it. That way, if there are decisions that must be made, no one will feel like they are being pressured into a decision one way or the other. 


Another reason to hire an interpreter to come in and translate for you when you are dealing with parents of ESL kids that is that they may speak a particular dialect of a language. For example, people from Honduras and people from Spain both speak Spanish, but they are going to be different dialects because it's a living language with speakers thousands of miles apart. It's just like American English vs. British English, they are the same language but different dialects and word usages.

Knowing the differences of word usage and different words that may not be used in Spanish from Spain but are used in Spanish from Honduras can make it easier for you and the parents to communicate with you clearly. Interpreters will often specialize in a particular area when the language can be found in large areas. For example, you may have an interpreter who deals with Spanish from South America who will be familiar enough with it as it's spoken in those countries. 

Kids in ESL classes have a hard enough time in school without having to act as interpreters for their parents during school meetings. Hiring an interpreter can make it easier for everyone involved. For more information, contact a company like the Language Banc.